Australian Jewellery Topos displays the work of eighteen imaginative and highly creative Australian contemporary jewellery artists as they engage with topos (Greek, literally: place) and its multi-layered potential as historical and contemporary place, personal and public place, time and circumstance. These artists are exhibiting and have exhibited together internationally in North America and Europe, at Gallery Loupe in New Jersey, USA, in 2011, and at Galerie Marzee in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, in 2009.

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This dynamic gallery book looks at rings as they are being designed by leading studio jewelers around the world: some exploring dazzlingly innovative design styles with highly advanced techniques and costly materials, others using simple, traditional methods and creating works of quiet elegance.

What they have in common is that every one of the 500 pieces photographed contains elements of surprise and awe. This book is a must-have, an essential and inspiring release for all jewelers, crafters, art fans, collectors, and contemporary designers of all stripes.

Showcase 500 Rings was curated by Bruce Metcalf, a renowned studio jeweler from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

A stunning collection of contemporary custom-made rings that have been meticulously designed and crafted by artisans from around the world.

Rings symbolize many things. They can serve as personal statements, adornments, representations of a commitment, or a sentimental reminder. In the hands of the world’s most creative jewelers they transcend into works of art in endlessly intriguing ways.


This marvelously illustrated survey showcases 591 contemporary rings that have been created by nearly 300 international designers. It is divided into five sections—one for each finger. Aside from being purely decorative, the position of the ring on the hand and the way in which it is worn can denote love, promise, rebellion, compromise, or affiliation.

The classic art of enameling is experiencing a well-deserved renaissance—and it’s stunningly captured in this lovingly curated survey. More than 300 international contemporary artists have contributed museum-worthy pieces, which range in scale from David C. Freda’s Green Slipper Brooch and Harlan W. Butt’s Maine Teapot to large sculptures and public art. Some of the creators take a minimalist approach, using only soft colors and matte finishes, while others exploit the material’s vibrant palette and glass-like surface. The broad technical applications include everything from simple sifting and torch firing to complex cloisonné and plique-à-jour.

Showcase 500 Rings

edited by Martha Le Van

Lark Books, 2012

500 Felt Objects: Creative Explorations of a Remarkable Material

edited by Nathalie Momu

Lark Books, 2011

From garments to carpets to vessels, from home decor to installations, 500 Felt Objects is an impressive, flagship display of masterful felt creations. This very diverse collection honours the work of traditional fibre artists side-by-side with avant-garde designers and a broad range of styles, colours and forms help reveal felt's full potential. The pieces, which include a broad range of styles, colours and forms, are a constant surprise and delight.

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Frosting Magazine

August 2011

edited by Rebecca Whyatt

Frosting Magazine is a visual stage for high-end designers, mainstream brands & eclectic independents to reveal their latest jewellery line to the consumer.

Australian Jewellery Topos: Talking About Place

edited by Robert Baines, Mel Miller & Nicole Polentas

Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2011

500 Enameled Objects: A Celebration of Color on Metal

edited by Martha Le Van

Lark Books, 2009

New Rings: 500+ Designs from Around the World

by Nicolas Estrada

Thames & Hudson, 2011