Local Colour

Studio 20/17, Sydney

July 2012

Most people travel at the same time and the same route to and from work everyday. If you’re like Melbourne based jeweller Mel Miller, you might start to notice how places along your journey, maybe a church, a house or a park, start to look different not only in the changing light of the day but also through the changing seasons.

Local Colour, Miller’s first solo show at Studio 20/17 in Sydney, will showcase jewellery and objects depicting abstracted interpretations of streetscapes, parks, buildings and details of the urban landscape that she passes in her daily commute.

Miller says ‘…knowing these familiar places in different lights reveals their picturesque peculiarities.’.

installation images from selected exhibitions



International Handwerskammer, Munich

March 2011

Talente is the annual exhibition of excellence in international applied arts and technology by young designer-makers.  In 2011 96 young designers from 28 countries were chosen and invited to exhibit their works in Talente at the International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades Munich. Talente is held in conjunction with Munich's annual Schmuck (jewellery) week.

​Australian Jewellery Topos ​
​​Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, the Netherlands 2009

First Site Gallery, Melbourne 2010

Gallery Loupe, NJ, USA 2011

This exciting exhibition brings together eighteen Australian artists, all alumni of postgraduate studies in Gold & Silvermithing at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. The theme of topos, place, is explored through a diverse and fascinating group of jewelry objects. 

“Jewelry is a bearer of cultural and historical meaning and memory. In particular it is concerned with the relations of those meanings with the personal and urban settings, acting as a way of defining and interpreting ‘topos’ (meaning ‘of place’, Greek). The concern of this jewelry research is to recognise and explore the ways the jewelry artefact opens our engagement with, and understanding of, the personal and external places we inhabit. Jewelry conveys settings of human identity and presence as well as external settings such as urban spaces and ‘topos’ takes on a broader significance as place itself becomes an expanded notion. Jewelry Topos explores the ways jewelry engages with our understanding of the physical and metaphorical places we inhabit.”                                          

       - Professor Robert Baines



Off the Kerb Gallery, Melbourne

Metamemorphosis, Mel Miller's first solo exhibition, showcases a collection of jewellery and objects exploring the malleability of memory. The way we remember and exaggerate the past is explored through colour, materiality and form. 

Through the juxtaposition of hard and soft, past and present take shape. Through the interaction between wearable jewellery pieces and the objects they inhabit, the interaction between memory and experience is revealed. As the objects and jewellery morph into series, so does memory alter over time. A collection of jewellery and objects with wearable components that act as memory models, Metamemorphosis is a celebration of memory's ability to enrich the present by embellishing the past.


Persuasions of Memory
RMIT School of Art Gallery, Melbourne
March 2009

Persuasions of Memory is an exhibition of jewellery and objects by Mel Miller in partial fulfillment of the degree of Master of Arts at RMIT University. The relationship between memory and the experiences it represents is examined through the juxtaposition of hard and soft materials, while objects in series reveal the metamorphosis of memory over time.


Fruit Loop Bagues

​First Site Gallery, Melbourne


A unification of four artists' interpretations of the ring. A rainbow of rings made from plastic, felt, enamel, collected materials and precious materials create a dialogue when seen together. A treasure trove of tasty delights! Fruit Loop Bagues is an exhibition of rings by Lucy Hearn, Mel Miller, Nina Oikawa and Nicole Polentas.

The finger ring has historically been considered one of the most personal and richly symbolic forms of jewellery. The ring acts as a signifier of a special kind of information. These works challenge concepts of what the ring can be and the meaning it can hold. Each researcher is achieving meaning and making discoveries through the creation of rings.